Luxury, style, elegance, class … that’s the presence of new Audi A8, which we can admire on 20th of November on gala at the Authorized Salon “Danelczyk” in Lublin.


The ceremony began with a multimedia presentation of the newest models of Audi, after which you could see them live. It is widely known that the true nature of exclusive cars is connected with beautiful women. Models dressed in Softline Collection lingerie shine in the spotlight of Audi A1, A7, and the most wanted limousine Audi A8 makes each man’s heart beat faster.

Although the key event was the showcase of luxury cars, we managed to draw back guests interests from cars. When the sexy Softline Collection dresses and lingerie fashion show started, all eyes turned on the beautiful models walking on the catwalk. Very accurate was a combination of sensual and delicate lingerie with elegant fur prepared by Ochnik company.

Check the video from both lingerie shows:

Undoubtedly, we have added a little spice to the whole ceremony and aroused great interest among ladies and gents. In short, Softline Collection lingerie out doubt have the best quality and style as the Audi A8.

See the photos gallery from the event:

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